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923-107September 23rd to October 7th
自行车展览 Bike Exhibition
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Without knowing anything about these two bicycles an assumption could be made as to the versatility of their purpose and function. Good design often brings to the forefront functionality in an easy to identify and purposeful way and yet the assumption one would make about these two opposing bicycles would likely be wrong. These two bicycles are clearly different in purpose but the true function of each is hidden, by which they challenge presumptions that we, over the last 150 years of the bicycles' existence, have come to hold true. The goal of these two bicycles is to challenge presumptive design whilst remaining approachable and what we would consider good.

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Flying Banana is a German brand that focuses on hand crafted frames and bicycles, known as a brand for custom bespoke bicycles that are high quality and built to last. This frame is fillet brazed which is considered one of the most difficult methods of frame building in the world giving smooth weld joints and added strength. This combined with the Italian high end Columbus steel used ensures a bicycle that can last whilst looking sporty and polished. It would seem to some as though this Flying Banana bicycle is a road bicycle like the ones used in the "Tour de France" race however it is not so. This is a light weight single-speed bike with a fixed rear wheel, created for the urban rider who wants to quickly move around on flat city streets. 
源于德国的飞香蕉品牌,主打手工制作的车架与自行车,致力于高品质、经久耐用的自行车人性化定制。 车架流线型的焊点,被认为是车架制作工艺上最难的一种,焊接光滑优雅又坚固耐用。与高端意大利哥伦巴斯不锈钢管材合作,确保整车高使用强度的同时,又散发着运动的光辉。飞香蕉自行车从外观看来,与 “环法自行车”中的公路车类似,但它的实际性能并非如此。飞香蕉自行车是一款轻便的、单速的、固定齿轮的、为方便平坦道路通勤而设计的城市用车。

Schindelhauer develops handmade bicycles in Germany, creating elegant high quality bicycles. This is a perfect example of what they are capable of with a bike that appears to be simple and honest by nature. It would seem to some that this sleek Schindelhauer bicycle is a simple city cruiser however it is more than that it actually qualifies as a mountain goat. This is a versatile bicycle combining the maintenance-free reliability of a Gates Carbon Drive™ belt drive with the efficiency of the world's best 14-speed Rohloff internal gear hub and a Formula R1 disc brake system. This bicycle could go on any sealed road at any gradient and would be easy going, weighing a mere 10kg. It lets the manager get to work in style and is ready for a trip to the mountains after work or any other time.
新德豪是德国纯手工制作的优雅高品质的自行车品牌。这款展车是该品牌标志性的典例:简约质朴,试图还原自行车最纯朴的本质。看起来,这款圆润的新德豪自行车只是一辆简单的城市用车,其实,它的性能远非这么简单,甚至达到了山地骑行的性能需求。这款多功能的自行车使用了先进的盖茨碳纤维同步皮带传动,零维护,搭配世界顶级的Rohloff内十四速变速花鼓,Formula R1碟刹系统,低调且奢华。这款自行车在任何封闭的、任何坡度的道路上都能轻松行使。整车重量仅为10千克。既是白领阶层上班通勤的品质首选,又适用于工作后的山区郊游,一车多用,性价比极高。

These two bicycles side by side provide an interesting look at presumptive design and how pairing back the unnecessary can bring about purpose and engagement beyond those first few moments of interaction.



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