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 "BRANDING SIHEYUAN" by a+a anderloni associates
"BRANDING SIHEYUAN" is a general alternative strategy aimed to improve, from the bottom and not from the top, the local culture and economy of the hutong areas in Beijing, in order to launch a virtuous cycle and allow the existing local reality to achieve renewed identity and better standards of life. In collaboration withWe Are Müesli (Claudia Molinari & Matteo Pozzi).
Project curated by Fabrizio Gurrado (a+a anderloni associates) at Beijing Design Week 2015 (Baitasi ReMade Design HOP area).
With our proposal we aim to find new ways to promote and preserve hutongs culture and we show a possible different approach rather than proposing a simple refurbishment of a special courtyard.
We think that what should be preserved of the hutongs is not the architecture of siheyuans themselves, but the important human relations and network that stands within them, among their inhabitants.
People there, in a city of 30.000.000 inhabitants, live like in small villages right in the center of the town. They live there, they work there, they study and do everything without even taking a car to move, in a pretty safe environment with no criminality and wher everybody knows everybody in a life model that usually belongs to the countryside villages.
We want to amplify and give a name to this unique phenomenon and let it become a brand that can guarantee a success for hutongs future and become a reason why not to cancel this special part of Beijing tradition.
We propose therefore to ingenerate a territorial marketing strategy to create a new umbrella brand called 'SIHEYUAN' supporting in this way the existing local economy and promoting also new energies and renewed interests for this special micro economy.
The features of this new brand should be based not only on the production itself but on the quality and the recognizability of the product, possibly conforming to precise standards that can make it appreciated in China and also around the global market.
'SIHEYUAN' brand won't be a pure commercial brand, but starting from the bases of traditional Chinese culture it will bring it forward. 'SIHEYUAN' is a proposal for shared platform for inheritance and innovation of traditional Beijinger arts and crafts.
We believe in fact that demolishing a recognized brand and a local successful economy is more difficult than simply demolishing wall.
exhibition contents:
• brand genesis
• a short selecion, as advertisings, of local products made in the hutongs that could be included under the 'SIHEYUAN' umbrella brand.
• a collection of furniture designed in exclusive for this Beijing design week edition by www.aplus.archi a+a anderloni associates branded SIHEYUAN, based on a modular system inspired by the hutongs and courtyards.
• a game designed by a+a anderloni associates to represent an utopist city made by siheyuans.
• a collaborative video game designed for this Beijing design week edition by We Are Müesli as a representation of the importance of humans relations and collaborations within hutongs.

brand genesis 品牌创建

People, buildings and the environment have constant interactions and mutual influences.Courtyard is just not a residential building shape, but contains a profoundcultural connotation, melted with people and Chinese traditional culture

a+a-BJDW2015-Branding siheyuan_logo genesis

‘Siheyuan’products - made in China, made in Beijing, made in the Hutongs
‘Siheyuan’ 产品 - 中国制造,北京制造,胡同制造


Examples of traditional products handmade or hand assembled in the Hutongs that could be promoted by the 'SIHEYUAN' brand.
‘Siheyuan’ furniture modular system 
’Siheyuan‘ 组合家具系统

Siheyuan (courtyards) and hutong (small alleys) are the basic urban elements of the hutongs areas. from this we invented a modular system made of metal net and wooden elements that can assembled in lots of combinations to create differents configurations. With this system we can make bookcases, tables, screens, partition walls, lamps and other pieces of furniture.
  四合院 ( 庭院 ) 和胡同 ( 小巷 ) 是胡同地区构成的基本元素。从这一点来看 , 我们发明了一种模块化系统由金属网和木制可以组装组合很多和创建不同的元素。我们可以利用这些材料做书架 , 桌子、屏幕、隔断墙、灯和其他家具。

 ‘Siheyuan’ city - the game
‘Siheyuan’ 城市 - 游戏

What is remarkable in hutongs areas are people strong relations and network. A siheyuan city is a utopian city, spontaneously built by people by adding courtyards to the existing ones. This game is the metaphor of desiring cities completely based not on the shape but on humans connections and relations.
什么是胡同区域里强大的人脉关系网 ? 四合院城市是一个乌托邦城市,人们自发的加入到现有的庭院中。这个游戏比喻成是一个欲望城市,完全不依赖于它的外形,而在于人与人之间的关系。

Siheyu4n - the videogame by We Are Müesli
Siheyu4n - 视频游戏


SIHEYU4N is conceived as a multiplayer variation on classic falling-block puzzle mechanics: goal of the game is to place the blocks in the correspondent colored slots of the central grid but, as each player controls one area of the game and each area spawns blocks of one color, players have to pass and receive blocks to/from the other ones, talking, sharing a strategy and cooperating together in order to complete the full grid. By setting 4 players around a shared playable “square" and making them interact with each other towards a collaborative goal, SIHEYU4N aims at abstractly and playfully reproduce the experience of social aggregation of the hutongs life.

about : a+a

a+a is a Beijing based international design company established in 2006 by Fabio Anderloni. a+a is currently operating in Beijing and Bern (CH) and is composed by skilled European and Chinese professionals. In these years a+a Beijing team completed several projects in various Chinese cities and provinces, being able to manage small to large scale tasks.
a+a has focused its skills on retail, healthcare and corporate design and, with a strong portfolio of realized and ongoing wineries, malls and hospitals all over China, a+a has gained a specific and realiable design experience.
By partecipating to these last two editions of beijing design week a+a is focusing on chinese cities and chinese citizens, putting humans relations in the center of a good design.
a+a 是由 Fabio Anderloni 先生于 2006 年创建于北京的一家国际化设计公司。 目前在北京、香港均有分部, 设计团队由富有经验的欧洲建筑师及中国建筑师组成。 至今 a+a 公司北京区团队已经在北京、 上海、深圳等地完成了众多规模各异的的建筑设计。
a+a 专注于零售商业、 住宅和企业设计。 擅长于酒庄、 旗舰店及购物中心设计, 完成方案遍布中国。 其中, 尤其对酒庄类建筑及时尚风室内设计研究颇深。

press inquiry:
Fabrizio Gurrado
fabrizio@arch-aa.com +8615652233001
about: We Are Müesli 

We Are Müesli is an independent design duo based in Milan (IT), made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. After years of professional experience in diverse felds of design and communication, since 2011 Claudia and Matteo have been working together on cultural and artistic projects of unconventional storytelling, ranging from analog todigital experiments (and back). In 2013, We Are Müesli made their frst step in game design with the award-winning visual novel CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET. showcased at worldwide festivals like SXSW, IndieCade and Japan Media Arts. Their following video game projects also include: We’ll Meet Again (selected for European nnovative Games Showcase at GDC Europe 2015) and once Upon A Tile (fnalist of UNESCO MGIEP Gaming Challenge). 
Info and pictures:
924-107September 24rd to October 7th
四合院—品牌   branding siheyuan
宫门口西岔129-131号  129-131 West Gongmenkou hutong



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